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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Activating "The Blessing" of Yehvah God: Part 1

Why are so many Christians not experiencing the fullness of God's Word and His intent for them; living the fullness of "The Blessing"? For the same reason sinners don't accept Christ and His Word as final authority. They simply don't want to be told, nor accept, that they are doing something wrong. PRIDE and SELF DETERMINATION ruling over humility. "...... the humble will inherit the land (Symbol: destination, reward, blessing)" (P.S. 37:11); "...they that will humble themselves will be exalted" (Mt.23:12). From my pastoral experiences I recognize this as the number one reason MOST Christians never mature in the manifestation of God's Word in their lives, thinking foolishly that prayer alone can change their circumstances. What they've never been taught is, that God operates according to "Law and Order", and that there are specific methods that must be employed in order to have their request manifested; how to be blessed. One MUST be a DOER of The Word (Jms. 2:14-26).

It's You, Not God! If you are not experiencing "The Blessing" of God in any, or every area of your life, you must accept that you are doing something wrong. If you are not experiencing "The Blessing" of God, it is because you are walking in conflict to God's Word. In Deuteronomy 11:26-28, God tells us that He has given us a (free will) choice; blessings (good, helpful things) and curses (bad, harmful things).
Blessings IF, we live according, OBEDIENT to His instructions; and cursed IF we don't. That is why He gave us His written Word; that we might live blessed ONLY. In Genesis 1:27-28, God tells us that THEY (Elohym: Yehvah God and Yehshua: Jesus; Jn.1:3) created humans, both male and female, and BLESSED them. There was no curse (harm, wickedness, evil), of any kind, in the kingdom until chapter 3, when humans disobeyed God's laws, having been deceived and acting upon the adverse words of Lucifer, desiring to exalt themselves above God.

Those verse's in Deuteronomy make it clear; that every good thing that happens to us is a direct result of us having spoken and acted in accordance with God's instructions; and likewise, every bad thing is the result of OUR DISOBEDIENCE, whether deliberate or by ignorance. Fact: ALL CURSES ARE the RESULT of DISOBEDIENCE to God's instructions, and ALL BLESSINGS ARE the RESULT of OBEDIENCE to God's instructions, IN THIS UNIVERSE; ALL! Be not deceived, no-thing happens by accident; ALL things that occur are caused (Proverbs 26:2; Joshua 1:7,8). Therefore, every good thing that has ever happened to you, and every bad thing, IS because of you, or someone close to you, walking in or out of God's Word. You MUST receive this truth, to be able to avoid curses, and manifest blessings in your life.

The two greatest curses that Lucifer has caused Christians to accept is SICKNESS/DISEASE, and POVERTY/LACK. It has immensely weakened The Church. God tells us that sickness and financial lack are curses (Deut. 28:58-61; Prov. 10:15), not blessings; and again, they are caused (Prov. 26:2). They don't happen by chance. How can someone maximize their service to God, to live a blessed life, sick and broke? It is CLEARLY NOT God's will! Sickness is associated with sin, disobedience to God, throughout scripture. One summary example is Deut. 28:58-61. This verse speaks of God imposing sickness, but remember 11:26-28. It is only when we disobey that harmful things come upon us; our choice. It is God's system of discipline, just as we discipline our children, to get them to come back to obedience that they might live a blessed life; not because we hate them, but because we love them. We've done and seen things that they haven't, most of us having learned from our mistakes, wishing that are children won't suffer the same. God sees every adversity in front of us and has given us warnings and instructions on how to avoid those curses. God, His ways, is love (1Jn. 4:8), He does no harm (James 1:13-14).

The same holds true as to poverty, lack. Wealth is His desire for us (Deut. 28:1-14; Prov. 10:22; 1Cor.8:7-9; Mt. 6:10). We are told to first seek the kingdom (All good things), and His desires and ways of doing (righteousness: right speaking and acting), and that ALL our needs and desires will be provided us (Mt. 6:33).

Thanks for listening.
Yehshua Shalom (May Yeh deliver prosperity upon you)

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